Name State SCORE
Champion Katie Partidge CT 220
Runner-up :    TIE Claire Sheldon MA 224
Robert Holmes Jones Bowl Tracey Martin MA 224
Note:  All ties are honored
Cris Eaton Memorial Trophy (Ringer) Winner: 
Lisa Fern-Boros CT  64
Isabel Southard MA 64
Note:  All ties are honored
Fanchon Cartin Trophy: CONNECTICUT 653
State Team Contributers:  Victoria Fagan, Paula D'Aniello-Lupi, Debbie Johnson
State: Katherine Partridge, Nathalie Filler, Lisa Fern-Boros,
                            Runner-up State was very close was MASSACHUSETTES  655
Junior Champion Trophy:                                                          Nicole Scola RI 229
Senior Champion  Carol Patton Trophy:                              Pamela Kuong MA 236
Legend Champion Sidney Arnold Donated Trophy:           Nicole Tombs NH 255
3rd Gross Tie Runner Up - SEE ABOVE
4th Gross Isabel Southard MA 225
Tie 5th Gross Emily Bouchard ME 226
Tie 5th Gross (6th) Samatha Morrel RI 226
7th Gross Nicole Scola RI 229
8th Gross Anastasia Carter MA 232
9th Gross Pamela Kuang MA 236
10th Gross Tracey Marshall NH 237
11th Gross Mary Mulcahy  MA 238
12th Gross Katherine Fortin MA 239
Tie 13th Gross Joanne Catlyn MA 240
Tie 13th Gross (14th) Nathlie Filler CT 240
Tie 15th Gross Dana Harrity NH 243
Tie 15th Gross (16th) Christine Gagner MA 243
Tie 15th Gross (17th) Lisa Fern-Boros CT 243
Tie 15th Gross (18th) Cortney Tilley NH 243
19th Gross Jen Holland CT 244
Tie 20th Tie Gross Diane Carter  MA 244
Tie 20th Gross Tie Madison Corley  VT 244
Note: All ties for 20th Low Gross are honored.
       USGA Tie Breaking for 3-19th gross
Day 1:   
1st Low Net Paula D'Aniello-Lupi CT  71
2nd Low Net Linda Goulet MA 72
3rd Low Net Patty Haas - VT, Weibke Bank - MA, Rowena Wilks - NH 73
Day 2:  
1st Low Net Christine Lumb NH 71
2nd Low Net Victoria Fagan CT 73
3rd Low Net Prudence Hornberger - ME, Shelly Yusko - VT, Neila Nelke -ME 75
1st Low Net Tara Watts (Hole in One #4 day 1) NH 71
2nd Low Net Ruth Colucci ME 72
3rd Low Net Jaclyn Drew - MA, Debbie Johnson - CT 74
Notes: 1.All ties for 3rd low net are honored 2.No one can receive more than one prize 
             3.If a player is in the top 20 Low Gross, they are ineligible for the above.